We are delighted to welcome you to our blog today, where we are hosting the Ice Lake blog tour, along with our fellow host  "A Book Lover".  

It is the fifth day of the tour, and our debut book review blog tour.  We are excited to be taking part, and would like to thank both Killer Reads and John A. Lenahan for the advanced copy of Ice Lake and the opportunity to take part in the blog tour. 

Ice Lake is written by John A. Lenahan and is his debut Harry Cull crime thriller and was published by Killer Reads on 7th July 2017.

An electrifying debut crime novel and the first in a new series featuring psychologist Harry Cull. Perfect for fans of Stuart MacBride, Mark Billingham and Peter May.
Deep in the woods of north-eastern Pennsylvania, the body of a man is found – shot three times, dumped under the trees where the local kids will find him.
Psychologist Harry Cull, tormented by his past, arrives in the picturesque town of Ice Lake to help with the murder investigation. There he unravels a web of lies and deceit that leads to the dark heart of a community torn apart by fracking, drugs and murder.

It’s not long before the second corpse turns up, this time a lawyer left for dead in the forest, and Harry finds himself on the trail of a twisted killer – who will do anything to keep the town’s darkest secrets buried.

Our Review

The thriller starts with State Trooper Eric Cirba tracking down his old pal, Harry Cull.  Harry is an ex-cop turned psychologist and Eric invites Harry to join him in the Pocono Mountains in North East Pennsylvania to assist him in finding Bill's killer.  Bill's body was found shot three times in a local wood.  Later, a second body is found which adds to the urgency to resolve the case.

In the books early chapters, you quickly gain an understanding of the location and characters. The descriptions written for both, make it easy to relate to, and visualise whilst reading. Several of the chapters have factual content at the start which really helps to build a picture and understanding of the area.

The key character - Harry Cull - is a likable character and is known for his expertise in solving crimes.  You gain an understanding of Harry, his past, family and his detective role.  There is banter between both Harry and Eric, which adds to the books entertainment. 

The book also contains several key characters who are all easy to get to know.  Including;
- Todd who owns the local cafe and warms to Harry.   
- Major, who has and continues to work in real estate.  
- Frank, who is Bill's brother and also Harry's landlord whilst he stays at the lake. 
- MK, local nurse and Harry's neighbor (and a romantic interest of Harry's). 
- Local Solicitor who deals with land conveyancing and other legal issues with the village characters. 

With the murder based in the Pocono Mountain, there are some key issues which the book covers. The area contains valuable land, which has the potential to be sold raising substantial money, for fracking. Having friends who live, and have land, in this area of Pennsylvania, I become very interested in reading and learning of these issues.

Other issues covered include drugs and the mafia. The author has covered  these issues in a light and understandable way.  Issues which could have made for very heavy and difficult reading were made very easy to read.  

What does become difficult to unravel (almost impossible) as in most crime thrillers are the lies and deceit behind the characters alibi..  Who is telling the truth?  What is everyone hiding?  But will you guess the killer and motive? 

This book is suited to those who enjoy reading  "who done it" thrillers.  The tempo of the book is easy paced, the story unravels at a slow pace and is balanced between the issues, getting to know the characters and solving the murders. 

It's a enjoyable debut thriller, that has set the scene and provides great opportunity for the next in the series.  There is so much more to Harry and I'm looking forward to reading the next in the series. 

Blog Tour

The blog tour continues tomorrow with "Bibliophile Book Club" please do pop over to the bloggers who are taking part in the Ice Lake blog tour, they are well worth visiting.

Author Interview

Details of a question and answer interview with John A. lenahan can be found on Killer Reads website here.

Publication Availability

Ice Lake by John A Lenahan was published by Killer Reads on 7th July 2017 and is currently available in eBook format, through Amazon (here) for £1.99.  August 2017 will see the publication of the paperback edition. 


Serendipity Loves x

* We received an advanced copy of Ice Lake from Killer Reads, in return for an open and honest review.

There is something very exciting happening at the OXO Tower, in London.  Mr Jones Watches are celebrating their 10th birthday and you are all invited to join them at their exhibition.

Mr Jones Watches

If you missed our last blog post, you will find it here.  We love the unique designs of Mr Jones Watches.  We must have purchased the "Average Day Watch" during the start up of the company.  We wear it daily.  And if you are looking for a unique birthday or anniversary gift, the countdown clocks are ideal.  

Birthday Exhibition

You are all invited to join Mr Jones Watches in their tenth birthday celebrations and discover more about their unique watch designs.  The exhibition runs between (and inclusive) Wednesday 28th June to Sunday 2nd July at the OXO Tower Gallery.  The opening hours are between (and inclusive) 11 am to 6 pm, admission is free.

The exhibition includes an opportunity;
  • To experience live printing and watch making;
  • Win a unique watch in their local treasure hunt (oh my, how we would love this!);
  • To explore ten years of the unique British watch brand.
You can find out more about the exhibition at the OXO tower here and also on Mr Jones Watches Facebook page here.

You can also meet the team and raise a glass to celebrate their birthday on Thursday 29th June 6pm to 8.30 pm.  Free tickets are available to join the team here.

Happy Birthday and enjoy the celebrations.  raising a glass is to the next ten years.

Serendipity Loves x

This week I received a gorgeous gift from Mr Jones Watches, a personal countdown clock.  It is already sitting on my blogging desk and set for my first countdown.  I love it and am fascinated by the design.

Mr Jones Watches

Mr Jones Watches, is owned by Crispin Jones.  They are a small business that produce unique British made watches.  They have a team based in the OXO Tower, London, producing unique, distinctive and unusual designs.  I currently, own two of their watches, and both are known for starting conversations, with work colleagues or complete strangers.  

You can find out more about their story, designs and watch a video by Crispin Jones here.

My MJW Watches

I first came across Mr Jones Watches many years ago, when I purchased the "Average Day Watch".  I have always loved watches, and brands that offer unique designs.  Mr Jones Watches offer just that.   

I wear this watch most days, and have done since I bought it.  It is much loved, not just by me, but also by my two nephews.  When they were both younger, they were fascinated by what the watch said they should be doing at any given time. 

I can hear them both saying "Aunt, lets check your watch and see what we should be doing now", my response after a quick check of the watch was always, "sleeping"!  A roll of their eyes followed and they would always check for themselves and give a different answer.  When I look at my watch, it  always makes me smile and brings back those happy memories.

I have been stopped by a few people who have commented on the design, and asked to look at the watch.  It is without a doubt a great conversation piece.

I later purchased the "Phlox" watch, (details on Mr Jones Watches website) and when I am not wearing my "Average Day Watch" you will find this one on my wrist!  As the time changes, so does the image on the face, another unique and distinctive design, that fascinates me.

Personal Countdown Clock

I was delighted to receive a personal countdown clock from Mr Jones Watches, another unique and distinctive design.  I always seem to be counting down to an occasion in my diary planner, whether it is a birthday, holiday, meeting or an interview.  Having this clock on my desk will make it so much easier to see at a glance. 

I love the modern and fresh design, the clock is in a white case with natural wood strip around the edge.

It is easy to set with one button to push to chose the countdown activity and three buttons for the days.  You can work out the number of days easily, by using the online calculator at www.howmanydaystogo.com.

The clock runs on two AAA and one AA batteries and can either be left freestanding or wall mounted.  There are thirty four preset activities, (full list located here) these include - wedding, baby due, move, birthday, graduation, anniversary.  Ideal if you are looking for a unique gift for a mum to be, new home or birthday present. 

Wedding Countdown Clock

Mr and Mrs S celebrated their 56th Wedding Anniversary yesterday (17th June), they have known each other for sixty four years and spent the day relaxing in their garden, and reminiscing over many happy memories.
I mentioned the wedding countdown clock to them yesterday.  Mrs S loves it and agreed, if like us you are always wondering what to buy for a wedding or anniversary gift, the wedding countdown clock may be the answer.  
The clock counts down the number of days to your wedding anniversary, starting with paper (first) through to Diamond (sixty years).   More details of the clock and full list of Anniversary's can be located here.   Both clocks are currently priced at £25.

Products and Service

The after care service I have received over the past few years from Mr Jones Watches, has been first class.  The strap on my "Average Day Watch" is very distinctive, light blue and black.  Having had the watch c.eight years, and wearing it daily the strap became worn.  I was relieved to find Mr Jones Watches sell replacements, with the option for self replacement or to send the watch in to have it replaced.  I did not want to risk the postal service, and replaced my strap myself.  The staff were incredibly helpful and my watch looks like new again.  A watch for life.
Further details of their current range of products can be viewed on Mr Jones Watches website here.  
Thank you to Mr Jones Watches for our personal countdown clock, you can find Mr Jones Watches on Facebook (here), Instagram (here) and Twitter (here).   
Enjoy the sunshine,

Serendipity Loves x

* Disclaimer, I was sent the personal countdown clock in this post to feature. A huge thank you to Emily and Crispin Jones at Mr Jones Watches, for the gorgeous gift.  As always I would never promote something I did not truly love.

Courtyard Garden

Time is flying by fast this year, we are already on the second May bank holiday here in the UK.  And, in true British weather style it is raining! Although, we have managed to pop into the garden this morning for an hour, to seed the lawn and spread some wild flower seeds before the skies opened up. This was planned, it saves us watering with the hose pipe!

we are a gardening family, I would love to think I have inherited the gene from my father.  His garden has always been such a gorgeous show and something he has enjoyed.  We find it very relaxing. We have written several blog posts - you can find them here.  

This time of year we are always on the look our for inspiring gardens.  The first garden we have to share with you, has been designed by the very talented Sue Hayward. There is so much we love about this garden, and have often shared photos on Instagram.  Here we share with you the garden, and what we love so much about it. 

The Garden

Where do we start, because we love everything in this garden.  Let's start at the entrance.  We love how the brick work of the building has been replicated in the garden walls, and topped with a darker grey brick to frame the walls.  As most of our readers will know we love green, and green blue in the garden and most of the woodwork in our garden is this colour.  We love the contrast of the gate colour, the tones in the brick work and the soft pink and mauve planting.

One of our favorite aspects is the open window into the garden wall, it gives a framed snap shot of what is behind the walls.  The thought of this picture changing for each season, with a different view daily is something we love, here we see the garden in bloom.  We wonder what this would look like at other times of the year.

Both the door and window, give the anticipation of a secret garden behind.  Opening the door brings no disappointment.

Raised wall beds in matching brick, built around a circled seating area.  The flowerbeds are planted in soft relaxing country cottage style mauve toned colours.  Cottage garden style to us, brings a look and feel of relaxation.

A gorgeous white standard rose gives the borders some height.

And this water feature adds to the garden two ways, firstly as a feature.  Secondly, the sound of water running adds to the relaxing feel of this garden.

I think, I know, I am ready to move into this garden for the spring and summer.  Hope you love it as much as we do.

We would like to thank Sue, for the permission to use these photographs in our blog.  All rights and permissions to these photographs are reserved by Sue Hayward garden designs.

Further Details

If you would like to find out more about Sue Hayward's garden designs or commission her for a design the details can be found on her webpage here.

Enjoy the weekend,

Serendipity Loves xx

In true British style the weather has changed and has brought grey skies and showers!

Photo Credit: Gurl

Whilst book shopping in our local supermarket, I have got to know and talk to quite a few people about books, and in particular book recommendations.  Last week, I was stopped and asked for a list of books I would recommend to read.  I wrote the list off the top of my head, you know, the books that you read and you remember.  

This, together with several book publishers to whom we owe reviews and holiday seasons approaching we thought we would put fingers to keyboard and write a long over due blog post on book recommendations.

In no particular order, our current list of recommendations:

1. When I Found You: Catherine Ryan Hyde

I was recommended this book by a dear friend in America.  

Nathan finds a newborn boy in the woods, he assumes he has found a tiny dead body.  The baby moves, and Nathan's life is changed forever.  The baby is sent to grow up with his grandmother, but Nathan cannot forget his and is compelled to visit her.  He asks that one day she will introduce him,   "This is the man who found you in the woods"  

It is a though provoking, enjoyable read.  I read the majority of the book in one day, it is one of those books when you start reaing you can't put it down. When Nathan finds a baby in the wood their, friendship and relationship starts.  No spoilers, I will stop their!  The story is not without it's ups and downs and it contains many life messages,  How one grows old and how the role reverses as children support their elders.  A story of unconditional loves, faith and honesty.

2. Shadow Hour: Kate Riordan

1922, Grace is following in her grandmothers footsteps as a governess to a little boy at Fenix House. When arriving at the crumbling and stately house, she meets the inhabitants.  Grace had heard many stories from her grandmother , over the years. It isn't long in to her visit when secrets appear in the house, her grandmothers stories show signs of cracks and everyone is protecting their own.  As the past meets the present, Grace unravels the secrets.

This book is a page turner and is cleverly written to bring together two stories, Grace's and her grandmothers (Harriet) which are fifty years apart.  It took me until Chapter six to get the just of the dual timeline.  But, both families are never far apart.  One book that contains so many emotions and thoughts.

3. Death of A Ghost - M C Beaton*

Mrs S was delighted to received an advanced copy of this book through the publishers - Grand Central Publishing.  She is a great fan of M. C. Beaton and was thrilled to receive Death of A Ghost to review. She has read just about every book Beaton has written.

A ruined castle in the village of Drim in Scotland, Hamish hears reports that the castle is haunted and lights are seen at night.  He assumes it is children or gangs using the castle to drink, or use drugs at night.  Both Hamish and his policeman Charlie, spend the night at the castle.  Charile falls through the floor, and Hamish finds the body of a dead man in the cellar.  Chief Detective Inspector Blair, arrives to investiagte the body, but the body can not be found.  But no body is to be found. Hamish has to find and identify the body and its killer before the "ghost" can strike again.

Mrs S review, "Beaton's books are never a disappointment, and this one is no exception.  Loved it, like I have all Hamish MacBeth stories.  This one, like all of the series, is an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading the next one."

Thank you to Net Gallery and Grand Central Publishing for the advanced copy of this book, in return for an open, honest and unbiased review.

4. The Hidden Girl: Louise Millar

Hannah and Will (her husband) long to have children, when they find out they can not have children of their own, they decide to adopt.  They lose out to another couple, and Hannah believes this is because they live in an apartment. They move to a remote house in Suffolk.  Barbara, a social worker, is scheduled to visit in ten days, Hannah wants everything in the house to be perfect in time for the visit in the hope that it will bring them their adopted child.  

The move encounters many problems, a snow storm means Will is stuck in London and Hannah is left to prepare the house for the visit.   A girl who lets herself in the house at her will, and as events unfold and she meets her neighbors, it is difficult to know who is friend and enemy.  A creepy read, that you can't put down!

5. Wedding at Christmas: Chrissie Mare

The Bensons, this is the last book in the series that follows the family.  I have to confess, it is the first I have read, and will not hesitate to read the others.

A Christmas wedding, brings images of white dresses, capes, holly, ivy, fairly lights, snow..... dreams.... Claire Benson has twelve weeks to organise her winter wedding.  Everyone starts to support her.  Sisterly squabbling, money issues, and her mother in law (ice maiden) soon threatens her big wedding day.  But her dreams are rescued and Christmas magic arrives.

A great family Christmas story and who doesn't love a Christmas wedding.  Warm, funny and lighthearted read, that can be ready any time of the year!

6. The Ice Twins: SK Tremayne

One identical twin died in an accident, but which one? The story is told through two people - the mother and a third person gives the fathers story.

Someone knows the truth - but who - mother or father? The surviving twin goes through quite an ordeal - but which twin is she?

The family move to a new home on a remote Scottish Island, they inherited.  They are isolated, and there the twists and turns of this psychological thriller starts.

Loved reading this book, it is gripping from start to finish.  Before you start reading make sure all the chores are done, once you start you cannot put it down!

7. The Breakdown: B A Paris*

Diving home one rainy evening on an isolated country road, Cass passes a car.  She sees a woman sitting inside, she stops momentarily, thinking the woman will approach her if she needs help.  The woman does not get out so Cass drives off.  The next morning she learns of the woman's murder.  This plays on Cass's mind, what if she had stopped? what if she had stopped, would she still be alive.  She tries everything to put the crime out of her mind, she promised her husband she would not use that road.  But she becomes riddled with guilt.

Her decision impacts her health, she starts forgetting things and becomes anxious and believes she has onset of early dementia, just like her mother.  A series of silent phone calls, has Cass believing the murderer is watching her.....

A psychological thriller that is incredibly well written, it had me spooked when reading it and the suspect I guessed - was no where near right!  This will keep you guessing until the end.

Thank you to NetGallery and Harlequin (UK) for the advanced copy of this book, in return for an open, honest and unbiased review.

8. Her Perfect Life: Sam Hepburn*

Gracie Dwyer lives close to a perfect life, a handsome husband, beautiful daughter, a TV personality, cooking programme, a catalogue of trusted friends and recognised where ever she goes.

Juliet, a single mother, living in a run down flat, jobless and an ex who is doing everything to run her life down.

The two meet and they forge an unlikely relationship, and this is where the lies, twists and betrayal starts, mix this with extracts from a diary written in the past by Pauline Bryce and........ no spoilers so I will leave it their!

This novel is not fast paced, and can be read in a few sessions, but it does have mystery and intrigue that keeps you hooked and guessing.  With an ending that I didn't guess!

Thank you to NetGallery and Harper Collins UK for an advanced copy of this book, in return for an open, honest and unbiased review.

9. Everything But The Truth: Gillian McAllister*

Everything But The Truth, is a novel about deceit, betrayal and Rachael's need to unravel the truth about Jack.

All seemed well with their new relationship, until Rachael sees a glimpse of  an email on Jack's ipad.  She didn't mean to look, after all she loves Jack and has just learned she is pregnant with her first child with him.  But having seen the email, she needs to know who it was from and the details.  When she does read it, it sets of a series of events in her mind and she starts to doubt Jack...

What is Jack hiding?  Why is he hiding his past?  What happened? and does Rachel have any right to unravel the truth and if she does what will the consequences be?

A suspense novel about love, lies and deceit.  Rachael becomes obsessed about finding out the truth about Jack and his past.  Only she also has a past that Jack is not aware of.  A page turner, a little predictable but enjoyable read.

Thank you to NetGallery, Penguin UK - Michael Joseph, for an advanced copy of this book, in return for an open, honest and unbiased review.

10. Sister Sister: Sue Fortin*

This is an exception psychological thriller written by Sue Fortin.  We have written a previous review blog on this novel - see previous  Blog Post for details

 11. Girl Behind The Lens: Tanya Farrley*

Photography student Joanna Lacy has always been close to her mother.  Rachael Arnold turns up on their doorstep, telling them that a man's body has been found in the canal, at that point Joanna's world changes.  Rachael married Joanna's father, and now he is dead.  Joanna attends the funeral, and meets Oliver, the man who found her fathers body.   She is convinced her mother is still keeping things from her and turns to Oliver for support.  We learn that Oliver has a secret of his own, and Joanna suspects something isn't right.  

A tangled web of two stories intertwined.  This book reads as one of mystery and suspense novel.  It keeps you guessing and makes for easy reading.

Thank you to NetGallery and Harper Collins UK, for an advanced copy of this book, in return for an open, honest and unbiased review.

12. The Idea of  You: Amanda Prowse*

Lucy Carpenter is approaching her 40th birthday, and she starts to feel like he has it all.  A wonderful husband Jonah - , successful career and the chance to have a baby of her own.  In fact, life could not be more perfect. But becoming parents is harder than they can imagine.

Jonah's teenage daughter - Camille - comes to stay, and she becomes a constant reminder of all the things Lucy does not have, and she starts questioning her husbands love and support.  Things start to take their toll on Lucy.

This book is a truly amazing story, easy reading and a emotional.  Following the life of Jonah and Lucy's life is heart warming and gut wrenching. It is a must read, and a story that will stick in my mind for sometime.

Thank you to NetGallery and Lake Union Publishing, for an advanced copy of this book, in return for an open, honest and unbiased review.

We love a good book and hope you will also enjoy some of these.

Have a lovely weekend.

Serendipity Loves x

* We have received advanced copies of these books through NetGallery and the Publishers in return for an open, honest and unbiased review.

It has been awhile since our last blog, the past month or two have been hectic and blogging is the one thing we just do not get to do much off. This is, unbelievably, the first opportunity we have had to sit down since the last weekend in March to put fingers to the keyboard and type!

We are in Spring here in the UK, so far the seasons weather has been kind to us, with some lovely sunny days here in Wales. The sun has been shining and rain is not forecast until next week. We love reminiscing, and we have been promising several of our Instagram readers a blog since we posted this picture of a gorgeous cottage where we visited for a family 18th Birthday celebration.

This is the Fox and Hounds, in Wolvesnewton, located between Cheptsow and Usk in South East Wales.  The last week in March, was Mr and Mrs S's eldest grandsons (and of course my nephews) 18th Birthday.

18th Birthday Celebrations

Photo Credit: Serendipity Loves

An 18th Birthday brings with it many mixed emotions. I have watched my nephew grow from baby, toddler, to the fine young man he is today.  Spending many of the school summer holidays with both him and his younger brother, making memories that will last us all a lifetime.  We may be biased, but he is awesome, they both are!

The eldest, and whose birthday we celebrated is getting ready to sit his A-Levels this summer and has several offers for University placements.  We have everything crossed for him, and truly hope he gets the grades and University place he deserves.  Without a doubt, he has worked incredibly hard to get where he is today.  Sharing his 18th birthday celebrations with him, was an absolute pleasure and a day our family will not forget.  A day full of happy memories, we love family times.

The Fox and Hounds Cottage

We promised to share some details on the cottage, it is gorgeous inside and out.  It is set in a secluded spot, with the owners living in the Old Rectory close by.  It has been renovated, in a modern country style, sympathetic to the cottage and features.

The entrance opens into a flagstone floor an beamed ceiling dining room, with the original staircase in situ and an open fireplace with stove.

A cosy living room, with a wood burning stove, kitchen with a view of the surrounding fields and a sizable bathroom also on the ground floor. 

The upstairs has two bedrooms, one with an en-suite shower room and the second with two single beds and original cast iron fireplace.

Without a doubt, the property is tastefully decorated, in keeping with the style of the property.  The walls are curved, sash windows, iron door latches and hinges, gorgeous leather chairs to name but a few details.  Add the 18th birthday decorations and a beautiful sunny spring day into the mix, and our celebrations began. 

An enjoyable day, gorgeous surroundings, tasty food and great company.  A day of celebrations making family memories.

The following day, Sunday, was Mother's Day here in the UK.  A few treats for Mrs S, including a roast pork dinner cooked and served by me!  On the Monday, she celebrated her 77th birthday.   Three days of celebrating!! Her birthday was a quiet day after the weekend, but lots more treats and presents for her.  Including a tiramisu birthday cake, this is here favorite and always reminds her of sitting in St Marks Square, Venice.  A daily ritual of ours on our Venice holidays is eating Tiramisu in the Square and watching the world go by - yum!

Mrs S means the world to her three children, and we love her more than she will ever know.  We were her full time job, and have amazing happy memories of our childhood and growing up.  As I have grown up she has become my best friend, craft buddy and so much more.  Mrs S has instilled in all three of here children strong family values that make us who we are today.  And I for one (and know my brother and sister feel the same) are grateful for all the time she has invested in us to make us the adults we are today.

Hello Spring

Photo Credit: Unknown

We love spring, it is our favorite time of the year, we have started clearing the garden and planning ahead for this year.  Making the most of the sunny days, as our weather is so unpredictable here in the UK.  The cherry blossom is in full bloom, along with the magnolia.

Photo Credit: Serendipity Loves

The garden is in it's blue phase, full of forget-me-nots and bluebells.  The first of the clematis buds have burst open and the lily of the valley are close to opening.  Excited to share pictures soon.

Looking forward to a relaxing weekend.  Further details of the Fox and Hounds Cottage can be located on the holiday cottages website link here

Serendipity Loves x

All photographs of the Fox and Hounds Cottage are taken from the Holiday Cottages website, who own the rights.
To mark the end of January we posted this photo on Instagram of Rita Hayworth and Fred Astiare.  Mrs S and I started reminiscing with some of our Instagram followers, and also at Serendipity Loves HQ (aka our home!), of our favourite classic black and white movies and movie stars.

Credit: Unknown

Mrs S and I started reminiscing with some of our Instagram followers, and also at Serendipity Loves HQ (aka our home!), of our favourite classic black and white movies and movie stars.

Classic Movie Love

My all time movie favourite is The Philadelphia Story (1940), not the musical version which is called High Society (1950), the edition with Cary Grant, James Stewart and Katherine Hepburn.  It is a film I could sit and watch all day, everyday.  Katherine Hepburn is a favourite classic movie star of mine. 

Credit: Movie Posters: Scan Collections

Credit: DoctorMacro

Mrs S loves all the films with Dame Margaret Rutherford DBE acting, especially the Agatha Christie stories.  To name but a few - Murder Ahoy,  Murder at the Gallop, Murder Most Foul and Murder She Said.

Credit: www.biography.com

As I am typing this I can hear the music playing! Our favourite part in Murder at the Gallop is where Mrs Marple is dancing with Mr Stringer (Stringer Davies) and says "Hot it up Mr Stringer."  It always makes us both chuckle when they both start twisting and dancing with speed.  It is amazing to think they were both married in real life.

Credit: www.fanpop.com

Mrs S has many classic films she loves to watch.   I do know, without asking, her favourite of all time is Mrs Miniver (1942).  he leading lady is Greer Garson, not only does Mrs S love the film, she adores the 1940 fashions.

Credit: www.IMDB.com

Mrs S eldest daughter, also loves the classic movies.  And again, I know without asking her she loves the Audrey Hepburn, Katherine Hepburn and Grace Kelly.  However, (hangs head in shame) I didn't know her favourite film is Brief Encounter (1945).

Credit: www.Instyle.com

Credit: Cinematic Frontier

There is a trend here among the Serendipity Ladies - We love the 1940s - films and fashion!

Our Classic Movie Valentines

Talking about movie stars with Mrs S last week, I learnt a little more about our family history and our favourite leading male actors from the classic Movie collections.  Between the homes of the Serendipity Ladies we have quite a collection of movies.

Without a doubt my all time favourite leading male actor is Cary Grant.  I have many of his films and have read many books on him.

Credit: www.Listal.com

I asked Mrs S who here favourite male lead actor was and she said "Oh I don't think I have one",  I think, I got this response as Mr S (aka Dad) was sat in the room! Although I do believe it is Spencer Tracy.  I think we are safe, as Mr S doesn't read our blog.

Credit: www.PicturesofCelebrities.com

Mrs S eldest daughter, confession time - I had to ask her as I didn't know (hangs head in shame - again!) is Cary Grant.  So a special photo for her this Valentine of Cary Grant with Grace Kelly.

Credit: www.Movpins.com

Until Last week, when the Serendipity Ladies were talking about classic movies, I had no idea my grandmothers favourite was Jeff Chandler.  I think he looks a little like Cary Grant! 

Credit: www.DoctorMacro.com

My great grandmothers was Gary Cooper.

Credit: www.GentlemansGazette.com

We are wondering how many of our followers are also fans on classic movies and movie stars....Please do share with us, we would love to hear from you.

Happy Valentines Day
Serendipity Loves xx

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