Operation Christmas: Christmas Planning


Operation Christmas

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Some of us will be very organised and others of us not so organised.  We are probably somewhere in the middle.  Always starting with good intentions.  

We love Christmas and the most important gift to us, is to enjoy the time with family, watch everyone enjoy themselves, in as best health we could all wish for.  As you get older the years together with everyone around the Christmas tree become precious.  Nothing is taken for granted.

We still all strive for clean houses, fully decorated, and full food cupboards.

Christmas planning has commenced here at Serendipity, there is so much to think about - cards, food, presents, visiting, cleaning, decorating, shopping, parties.... the list seems endless.    It can, and is for many, a very stressful time.   

The Organised home website has some great printable planning sheets.  We are just about to print some out for presents, meal planning. Every time something pops into our minds we can jot it down on these.  

Hope you find them useful

<3 Serendipity <3

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