Christmas Wreath Making


We have spent the morning attending a wreath making workshop. 

With allergies to pine needles, and anticipation of what the end result would look like we started the day.  Firstly with Willow, which we (not without a few incidents) wrapped around in a circle. The first few strands were difficult... And yes, we accidentally whipped a few bystanders - oops. But all in good Christmas spirit.  We snapped a few strands, the wreath unravelled! But we got there in the end. 

Next, the fun bit.... Dressing the willow with pine, rosemary, frosted apples, berries, pine cones, ribbons, dried oranges and anything else that took our eyes.  Wiring the decorations on to the wreath was not easy - there was blood, sore fingers and thumbs. But so very much worth it. 

We are pleased with the end results. The first picture and wreath belongs to Mrs Serendipity.  It has a Scandinavian rustic look and feel to it. Love the wooden hearts. I love this one! And it now has pride of place in the dining room.  

The Second belongs to - Miss Serendipity!  Quite different to the first, traditionally (but hopefully tastefully) decorated. 

It was a very good morning. Starting to Feel like Christmas, with mince pies and carols playing. The group were so very friendly and tutors helpful. 

A productive morning.

<3 Serendipity <3 

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