Finding 'Hygge'


The day has not started well, with a mini explosion from the electric shower.  Luckily, no one was harmed during the hair washing session! :)

We have a few blog posts lined up over the coming weeks and this is the first for Autumn - "Finding Hygge"

Hygge is based on the Danish concept of cosiness, true to form autumn is the season for cosy days and nights.  We have seen many social media posts and hashtags this past month showing cosy autumn scenes.  Hygge seems to be the hot topic of Autumn 2016.

Finding Hygge Everywhere

We are also readers of a gorgeous Blog - 'Finding Hygge Everywhere" (located here).  This blog is written by Kayleigh Tanner.  Kayleigh looks for the Hygge in everything, and the blog is definitely worth a visit.  It is full of cosy autumn pictures.  You can also follow her on Instagram (located here)

We thought we would share with you what Hygge means to Serendipity Loves. We will also start posting photos on social media with the hashtag #serendipityloveshygge.  We would love nothing more than for you to share your Hygge photos to and use this hashtag.  We are hoping to share and feature some of your photos on further Hygge blog post over the coming weeks.

Serendipity Loves Hygge:

Hygge, to Serendipity Loves, is a feeling, taste, smell and/or noise.  Yes, all of them!

1.   Hot chocolate and Marshmallows.

Credit: Azurite

Credit: Pioneer Settler

2.   Candles and fairy lights in the house everywhere!

Credit: 4 Better Home

Credit: Caisse Fairy

Credit: Viebeke Design

3.   Crackling noise, glow and warmth of an open fire, and reading a book under cosy  throws.

Credit: Sawdays

Credit: Lynsey Marcella
Credit: Lifestyle

4.   Smell of cinnamon and nutmeg - yum home made fruit cake cooking.

5.  Eiderdowns, quilts and warm bedding

Credit: Christmas Winter
Credit: Konfetti
Credit: Ljo-S

6.   Harvesting the apples, red berries arriving and the leaves falling.

Credit: Old Farmhouse

Credit: Plantman

8.   Layered clothes and autumn coats.

Credit: The Craft Nook

Oh final of Bake off tonight, looking forward to it.  Don't forget to use the hashtag

Serendipity Loves xx

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